• JPA shall not act in a manner or enter into any agreement with prospect that will bring disrepute to the brand.
  • No promises of financial compensation or other incentives must be made to prospects without approval of Jerepage.
  • JPA shall act in a manner that is fit and proper when prospecting for Jerepage customers.
  • JPA s may use social media, pre approved marketing material or direct referrals for prospecting. All information used thereby must be in line with Jerepage policies, terms and conditions. Breach of code of conduct will lead to termination of affiliation agreement.
  • Jerepage Condition of service apply to JPAs who must be registered users on Jerepage.com.
  • JPAs are expected to be familiar with Jerepage modus operandi to enable them give accurate information to prospects prior to site registration.JPA should however refer prospects to review the Terms and Conditions which they will be expected to agree to on registration on the website.

Payment process: JPAs will be paid via Jerepage standard Seller payment cycle. Please see FAQ for details. Once a sale transaction by referred Seller/buyer is complete, due commission will be automatically added to JPA account which can be viewed on Jerepage.com website via the Agent Dashboard.

Referral Commission: JPAs can only earn 2% of Net Sale value per transaction carried out by referred Seller or Buyer up to a maximum of N10, 000 per each transaction unless otherwise agreed/ communicate in writing.

Additional Incentives: Subject to JPA’s performance. Jerepage may award additional commission, gifts or bonuses.

Standard Jerepage/ Seller Payment, Termination, Assignment, Dispute resolution terms apply.