Service requestor (Buyer)  Code of conduct:

1.       BUYER shall not act in a manner or enter into any agreement with SKILLED WORKER contrary to or outside of the published /posted work scope without prior notification to Jerepage.

2.       BUYERs are expected to negotiate material purchase, logistics cost and other variable cost with SKILLED WORKER post bid win.

3.       Application of Jerepage commission is limited to Workmanship fee and referral fee (where applicable).

4.       Subject to (2) above, no promises of financial compensation or other incentives must be made to SKILLED WORKER without approval of Jerepage. BUYER shall act in a manner that is fit and proper when dealing with Jerepage referred SKILLED WORKER.

5.       BUYERS who deal with Jerepage referred SKILLED WORKER outside of Auctioned scope of work will do so at their own risk. Jerepage shall not be liable for liability incurred by breach of communicated code of conduct.

6.       All information used thereby must be in line with Jerepage policies, terms and conditions. Jerepage Condition of service applies to Jerepage SKILLED WORKERs as well as BUYERs.

7.       Please review Jerepage Terms and Conditions which you have agreed to on registration with us and defer to customer service Agent when in doubt.

8.       Jerepage, by referring auctions to SKILLED WORKERS does not in any way guarantee character. Jerepage shall make all reasonable effort to verify that Skilled Workers invited to bid have the requisite skills to perform auctioned service however, BUYERs have a duty of care, due diligence and safety precautions when engaging with and assigning work to SKILLED WORKERs.

9.       Please refer to our DISCLAIMER OF WARRANTY and LIMITATION OF LIABILTY terms under our Conditions of Service which you have agreed to by registering with us.

10.   Breach of code of conduct entitles Jerepage to terminate the agreement.

11.   See our Frequently Asked Questions for more information.